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Cosmic Carbone Ultimate

Was £2500
Now £2250

The Wheel-Tyre System chosen most often by Pro Tour teams. Its full carbon monobloc design perfectly unifies rims, spokes and hubs. Our new proprietary TgMAX technology further enhances braking performance while the new Yksion Pro feather light tubular tyres make … Continue reading

Cosmic Carbone 40T

Was £2000
Now £1800

The best combination of reliability and lightweight for the most versatile aero wheelset. Mavic’s Cosmic Carbone 40T is Paris-Roubaix proven, yet capable of climbing the steepest climb. 40mm wind tunnel optimized rim profile Full carbon extra light rim Carbon/alloy hubs, … Continue reading

Cosmic Carbone 40C

Was £1800
Now £1620

The best combination of reliability and lightweight for the most versatile aero wheelset. Thanks to the exclusive TgMAX technology, Mavic’s carbon clincher solution is the most reliable and dynamic clincher wheelset ever. 40mm wind tunnel optimized rim profile Extralight carbon … Continue reading

Cosmic Carbone SLE

Was £1290
Now £1161

Cosmic Carbone SLE offers a high level of aerodynamic efficiency and stiffness with no sacrifice in weight. Its long time proven carbon+aluminum rim technology for clincher is further enhanced by the new Exalith 2 treatment, new extra light spokes and … Continue reading

Cosmic Carbone SLS

Was £850
Now £765

Cosmic Carbone SLS features time-proven Mavic carbon capabilities, blending aerodynamics and high stiffness, with one of the lightest aero clincher rims. Feather light Yksion Pro tyres and new hubs reinforce its responsiveness. Affordable for any riders, road racers and triathletes! … Continue reading

Cosmic Elite S

Was £400
Now £360

Cosmic Elite S is designed for high speed addicts. Deep profile rim coupled with high efficiency hubs and excellent bearings quality. This Wheel-Tyre System of choice for all speed enthusiasts now comes with the lightweight low rolling resistance Yksion Comp … Continue reading


Was £1650
Now £1485

Only exclusive Mavic technologies could make this wheel possible. R-Sys SLR now features ISM3D and featherlight Yksion Pro tyre for an even lower inertia, boosted by superlight bearings and the exclusive Tracomp technology. Light weight and responsiveness with no compromise … Continue reading

Ksyrium SLR

Was £1200
Now £1080

The most demanding racers need a do it all Wheel-Tyre System: strong, stiff, aerodynamic, comfortable, durable… Ksyrium SLR brings all these characterictics together. Now with the superlight and grippy Yksion Pro tyres. Light and stiff rims: (1410 grams a pair) … Continue reading

Mavic R-SYS

Was £1100
Now £990

R-Sys remains as light and as stiff as ever thanks to the exclusive Tracomp Technology. These unique characteristics are now boosted by our new Yksion Pro GripLink and Yksion Pro PowerLink tyres. Light rims: (1355 grams a pair) ISM machining … Continue reading

Ksyrium SLS C

Was £790
Now £711

Ksyrium has always been synonymous with great overall performance and exceptional reliability. Now even lighter, even more responsive, and still as strong thanks to new super low inertia ISM3D rims, superlight hubs and spokes and our new extra light Yksion … Continue reading

Ksyrium Elite S

Was £525
Now £472.50

True to its precedent of offering the high end technlogies usually reserved for only top of the line models, the Ksyrium Elite S takes another step forward to achieve weight savings matched by only a few wheels. This performance is … Continue reading

Ksyrium Equipe S

Was £390
Now £351

Road & triathlon wheels Ksyrium Equipe S loved by riders and bike builders alike, the highly respected Ksyrium Equipe adds top quality tyres to its premium features and low weight while retaining strength and durability. Isopulse Optimized bearing placement Straight … Continue reading

Mavic Aksium S

Was £220
Now £198

This new Aksium S Wheel-Tyre System combines extralight rims with new super grippy and durable Mavic Aksion tyres to improve any ride! Rim resistance: Sleeve joint, H2 drilling New grippier and durable Aksion tyres High quality cartridge bearing Extra light … Continue reading


The access to the Mavic Wheel-Tyre System performance: light and reliable – new Entry level at Mavic never meant low end. This is even truer with this new Aksium, providing the Wheel-Tyre System benefits, previously reserved to our SSC wheels! … Continue reading

Ksyrium Equipe

The lightest Ksyrium Equipe ever featuring impactful graphic design Forget what you know about Ksyrium Equipe. This new version is down to an impressive 1690 g with a low inertia thanks to the rim extrusion. Available in black or white … Continue reading

Ksyrium Elite

1550 grams – High end technologies – Ksyrium This wheelset features some of the most high end Mavic technologies, so far reserved to top of the line models: Fore drilling, ISM, Isopulse… All this to make sure you can enjoy … Continue reading

Ksyrium SL

Race and time proven technologies A consistent graphic design highlights the exclusive technologies developed year after year and gathered in the Ksyrium SL, such as ISM, Fore, Zicral, Isopulse…. A high performance wheelset you can rely on. [sws_divider_line] [sws_2_column title=”KEY … Continue reading

Ksyrium SR

The best of Tracomp for multiperformance use Rely on Tracomp technology for an instant energy transfer and on Zicral spokes for more versatility. This outstanding combination will boost your performance. [sws_divider_line] [sws_2_column title=”KEY BENEFITS”] Highly Responsive High energy transfer: Tracomp … Continue reading


Light and stiff as ever, further enhanced by the Right Link! – new R-Sys remains as light and as stiff as ever thanks to the exclusive Tracomp Technology. Those amazing performances are now boosted by our Yksion GripLink and Yksion … Continue reading

Ksyrium SLR

Pros’ responsiveness and light weight available for Multiperformance As a demanding racer, you need a Wheel-Tyre System that can do it all: sturdy, stiff, aerodynamic, comfortable, durable… If this is your ride, the Ksyrium SLR is definitely the best Wheel-Tyre … Continue reading

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