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Deemax Ultimate

The most lightweight and responsive downhill racing wheel available – new Developed with our world cup athletes, this exclusive Deemax is the first pure downhill racing wheelset below 2 kilos. Extremely light rims and double butted bladed spokes provide better … Continue reading


A full enduro program at a fraction of the price Packed with features, the Crossline is for those seeking for a budget true enduro/ freeride performance. Light and responsive thanks to the ITS-4 freewheel, this wheelset will let you choose … Continue reading

Crossmax SX

The reference Enduro wheel, further improved! – new New graphic package and new rim extrusion for this proven reference. Demanding Enduro riders rely on the SX dynamic performance to maximize the fun factor both uphill and downhill. ISM enables an … Continue reading

Crossride UB

The access to the Mavic mountain bike performance for V-brakes and identity Entry level at Mavic always means quality, efficiency and reliability. Completely endorsed by the Crossride – an incredible value! Specific hubs and rims make it the lightest entry … Continue reading

Crossride Disc

The access to the Mavic Mountain Bike performance and identity Entry level at Mavic always means quality, efficiency and reliability. Completely endorsed by the Crossride – incredible value! A specific version of the front wheel makes it compatible with 15 … Continue reading


Featuring high end technologies, Crosstrail is a light UST wheel system High end technologies and features have made the Crosstrail one of the most high performance MTB wheelset in its category. At only 1685 grams, this UST wheel system can … Continue reading


The reference Cross-mountain wheel smartly adapted to 29″ The C29ssmax uses ISM machining technology to deliver the lowest inertia of any 29″ wheel on the market while maintaining Crossmax stiffness and durability. 9/15 convertible font hub. [sws_divider_line] [sws_2_column title="KEY BENEFITS"] … Continue reading

Crossmax ST

Cross-country technologies smartly adapted to Cross-mountain – new Versatility at its best. The new Crossmax ST gets lighter to offer an outstanding responsiveness. Yet, this “real” mountain-bike wheelset remains tough and will stand Cross-mountain use and abuse. Worriless ride! [sws_divider_line] … Continue reading

Crossmax SLR

The lightest UST MTB System – new Developed with top Mavic athletes, the Crossmax SLR sets a new standard in the Cross-country world: system performance for only 1440g! A new extra-light 19 mm rim reduces inertia to its minimum while … Continue reading


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