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Super Magneto Pro Turbo Trainer

Top Features of the CycleOps Super Magneto Pro Turbo Trainer

For serious athletes and cyclists with goals that require flexibility and choice in ride type and resistance curve to match the needs of their various workouts.

  • Four quick select PowerTuned resistance curves provide progressive workouts from a recovery ride like easy setting to an aggressive hill setting
  • Precision balanced inertia optimised flywheel ensures that no matter what power curve you choose, your ride always feels smooth and quiet
  • Zinc alloy flywheel with internal cooling fins means that resistance unit never gets too hot to touch
  • All the features of the Pro Series frame make this one of the easiest to use and most stable trainers on the market
  • MTB: Yes
  • Road: Yes

For cycling enthusiasts with particular strength or resistance requirements or who desire additional precision in the tuning of their resistance unit the 4 power curves of the SuperMagneto Pro can be quickly and easily selected for optimal comfort and ride quality.

How it works: Each setting allows the unit’s four rare earth magnets to move to a different controlled working diameter as centrifugal force pushes them away from the center. The farther away the magnet is from center, the higher the resistance. Spring-loaded magnets create a more desirable progressive resistance power curve.

Power tuned: Thanks to true-to-life resistance levels developed by Allen Lim, PhD and data from hundreds athletes, the PowerTuned technology in our trainers captures the feeling of riding outside. Because we designed the SuperMagneto Pro flywheel with more material on the outer surface, the SuperMagneto Pro delivers a smoother ride and more road-like feel. Its optimized weight dispersion also means easier transport without sacrificing ride feel or inertia. Precision-balanced flywheels add to the realism for smooth realistic accelerations and inertia.

Flexible power curve technology: No matter how modest or ambitious your goals, this versatile trainer can help you reach them. Flexible Power Curve Technology lets you adjust resistance curves, providing the right inertia for the right rider. With a power curve for every rider type and ride type in one trainer, simply choose a resistance curve with the ergonomic adjustment handle and start riding.

Compact distance of trainer cones with overload locking feature keeps the user from over tightening the unit and flexing the frame giving a safe and correct clamping force every time. Your bike will always have a robust connection with your training platform.

Optimized footprint featuring unique flats on trainer face and legs ensures riders the stiffest training experience whether they are out of the saddle sprinting or seated grinding away on a huge gear while not sacrificing the ability to fold the unit compactly for storage and transport.

Locking legs ensure that the trainer legs are securely positioned prior to workouts for maximum stiffness so there is no power loss. Single side levelling foot means you can setup and level the trainer faster from one side of the machine, because the other 3 feet create a plane and you simply adjust the 4thfoot to match. Stability is ensured whether on a basement floor or in the parking lot of your local time trial.

Single side bike attachment means faster positioning of bike without having to adjust both sides of the trainer frame. Innovative and easy to use ratcheting knob allows riders to use one to adjust the knob and one to stabilize their bike. No fiddling around. Improved RU cam lever design means you only need to turn the cam lever 90°to position and attach the RU. Faster and easier with fewer turns of the lever. No guessing required for optimal tension of the resistance unit on the wheel.


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